The Sensorium: As a therapeutic setting in comparison to treatment approaches of the Heiligenfeld Kliniken

Master Thesis von Jaqueline Possiel

Das Sensorium ist eine neuartige Neurofeedbackumgebung, die dem Patienten eine erweiterte Selbstwahrnehmung seiner physiologischen Körpervorgänge ermöglicht. Die unterstützende Wirkung auf die Therapie konnte in dieser Studie nachgewiesen werden.


The Sensorium as a novel approach combines elements of neurofeedback and meditative treatments. It pursues to improve the participants awareness and focus of the self through representing the brain and heart activity in a multisensory environment via auditory and visual signals. The Sensorium is supposedly applicable to the treatment concept of Heiligenfeld, because both have similar approaches for the healing process. These approaches focus the rebuilding of the body, mind and, spiritual connection through increasing self-focus, -acceptance and –awareness. The present study investigates whether the Sensorium is comparable to existing interventions, such as mindfulness training and breathing therapy. It was found that patients advanced in their therapy process through these interventions. Furthermore it could be validated that the interventions do not differ regarding the patients improvement of their body-feeling, emotional state, spirituality and trust in solving life challenges. The Sensorium supplements the existing interventions in Heiligenfeld.

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