The Sensorium – a mindful experience of the own body - Implementation and evaluation of a therapeutic intervention for patients suffering from depression

Master Thesis von Lena Dingfelder

Hier wurde gezeigt, dass Patienten durch die Sensorium-Therapie ein verbessertes Körperbewusstsein, sowie eine Verbesserung im emotionalen und mentalen Zustand zeigten.


The Sensorium is a multimodal neurofeedback approach that enables the experience of one's own body signals, such as ECG and EEG, as sounds and lights in the environment. Previous studies have proven the positive effect of the Sensorium on participants’ body sensation, emotional state and mental state. Participants also reported increase in contentment, relaxation, happiness and inner harmony. In the present study, the effect of the Sensorium on patients suffering from depression was investigated. 32 inpatients of the Heiligenfeld Klinik, Bad Kissingen, with diagnosed depression completed three Sensorium sessions. A feedback questionnaire and follow-up interview assessed the effect of the Sensorium on patients’ body sensation, emotional state and mental state. It was found, that participants showed an enhanced body sensation, emotional state and mental state after the sessions. Enhanced body sensation correlated with a better emotional state. Participants who were able to recognize the connection between themselves and the perceived feedback stimuli achieved better results respectively body sensation. Compared with the effect on healthy participants in the previous Sensorium study, the effect on depressive patients was smaller. Findings are being discussed and future application of the Sensorium is considered.

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